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1st Quarter 2023

April 13, 2023


Light at the Inn Quarterly Report

The Light at the Inn operates as the Emergency Shelter Service for any individual or family that finds themselves in an emergency homeless situation for a short time.  Emergency Shelter Services is the Dickinson/Iron County part of a social service agency intitled Community Action Alger-Marquette or CAAM. 

Volunteers from Light at the Inn accept after hours and weekend calls from anyone without suitable shelter in the Dickinson/Iron County area.   CAAM then contacts the caller the next business day and begins the assessment process.

Light at the Inn, a registered 501-c-3 organization, may be able to further help those seeking assistance, by providing food, transportation, moving assistance or other help as determined necessary.  Light at the Inn operates entirely on church, community and individual donations as well as funds from the Dickinson Community Foundation.

 Within this past quarter, January thru March 2023, the following guests have been assisted by Light at the Inn through the motel voucher system:  23 homeless adults and 2 children over a total of 25 nights.

In addition to these vouchers, Light at the Inn paid $1003.00 in extended motel fees or housing expenses.  Transportation expenses in the form of bus tickets or taxi fares amounted to $211.00 for the quarter; and food expenses, over and above donated food items, was $65.87.  Light at the Inn was also able to distribute prepared toiletry/personal care bags to 10 individuals in need.

The largest obstacle to the problem of homelessness in this area is the lack of available low-income housing.  Many who are qualified for housing assistance wait months for something to come available.

If you would like to assist in this outreach to the homeless, please call:  Light at the Inn at 906-282-5860

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