September 2020

New Procedures for Light at the Inn Emergency Services Shelter

Light at the Inn Shelter is a 501-c-3, non-profit mission outreach to the homeless of Dickinson and Iron counties. We have provided emergency shelter and meals to over 125 individuals over the last four winters. Each year more and more seek shelter and assistance. Some have stayed only a few nights but others had nowhere else to go and remained at the shelter throughout the winter. Considering the economic challenges of this particular up-coming season, we have good reason to anticipate a larger than usual need for emergency housing.

COVID-19 mandates and health issues have required that we change our face-to-face operations for this upcoming season which begins on November 1st and runs through the end of March, 2021. It is important to us and critical to our homeless guests that we maintain some type of emergency housing assistance in our area. Currently, a homeless person or family that is seeking help with emergency housing, contacts the Community Action Agency who then begins the application process of state assisted housing.

After Community Action business hours, in an immediate need, Light at the Inn Shelter will be able to assist in our local area. While we cannot provide the shelter that we have in the past, we will be able to provide emergency placement for that night and instructions for contacting Community Action on the next business day.

There may be those who don’t qualify for established program assistance and in those situations, LATI will seek to provide further assistance for more permanent placement in another area where there are operating shelters.

In addition, Light at the Inn can provide basic information for other community agencies and churches that have food pantries, community meals, clothing and counseling. In the past, Light at the Inn has not been able to assist families with children, but this new policy will enable us to help these families as well to obtain emergency shelter.

This new way of operating is going to be more expensive for the Light at the Inn organization. We are trusting in the on-going support of this generous community to help us to help those who are experiencing homelessness. In the UP, in the winter…emergency services of this kind can save lives!

If someone is in need of shelter, please call the Community Action Agency at 1-800-562-9762, ext. 207, Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm EST, for an automated assessment process. After hours or on weekends and holidays call, Light at the Inn Shelter Agency, at 1-906-282-5860 and a Light at the Inn volunteer will assist you with the resources available to us.

Please call the LATI phone, 906-282-5860, if you have any questions, suggestions or donations to help those who have fallen on such hard times.

God Bless You,

Your LATI friends. 


The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it.    John 1:5  


The  mission of the Light At The Inn Homeless Shelter is to provide support for the homeless in the Dickinson County area through the cooperative efforts of an interfaith coalition that will offer a safe emergency shelter with meals throughout the winter months.


Shelter is open during the season at 6pm daily and closes at 7am.

The season usually starts early November and runs into the spring. All guests must be 18 years or older. Please click below for more information.



Light at the Inn Homeless Shelter volunteer training sessions: Training is being held as needed. Click for Schedule.



Is there really a need in our area?

Yes, and the need is greater than many of us realize. Homeless statistics for Dickinson County are in the hundreds. Fortunately, the number of “true” homeless is less, but not even one person should be left out in the cold.



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If you need help & are looking for a place to stay, or if you are wanting to volunteer, you can call 906-282-5860 or leave a message here.


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